Gender Action Plan

The gendered, social cultural, and economic determinants of human lives, the societies they live in, and their ability to respond and act affect infection, risk of spillover, health-seeking behavior, as well as preventive and response measures. Recognizing the extent to which infection by emerging pathogen outbreaks affect women, men, girls, boys, and other non-binary gender groups differently, and the risks they are exposed to because of their gender, is a vital step toward understanding the primary and secondary effects of a health emergency on people and communities, and creating effective, equitable policies, and interventions. Experience from past outbreaks shows the importance of integrating a gender analysis lens into preparedness and response efforts to improve the efficacy of health interventions and promote gender and health equity goals. STOP Spillover's vision is to build a community that purposely and proactively identifies and addresses gender gaps and disparities, while continuously integrating gender frameworks, principles, cultures, and norms into programming, study design and data analyses, interventions, activities, and capacity building efforts.

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