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Viet Nam

Map showing Viet Nam

Viet Nam plays a key role in the regional livestock trade and promotes wildlife farming for food and medicine. Wildlife farming is well developed, but legal and illegal farming, hunting, marketing, and food retail and services have evolved rapidly ahead of effective regulation.

Viet Nam is one of the lead countries for the Zoonotic Disease Action Package (ZDAP) of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA). The goal of ZDAP is “to adopt behaviors, policies and practices that minimize disease risk and the spillover of zoonotic diseases from wild and domestic animals into human population.”

STOP Spillover will contribute directly to ZDAP and GHSA goals and will support implementation of Viet Nam’s One Health Strategic Plan for Zoonotic Diseases.

In Viet Nam, STOP Spillover will fully engage Government of Viet Nam (GOV) partners. It will be led by a project Country Team and the Viet Nam One Health University Network (VOHUN), with broader stakeholders engaged in One Health Design, Research, and Mentoring (OH-DReaM) working groups.